Thank you for your interest in AmeriKYP Video Products. If you are ready to place your order, please follow this simple checklist:

1. Request your template. Make all inquiries to richb@ikyp.com
2. Design your artwork (see specs below)
3. Send your detailed invoice to: richb@ikyp.com Please note, MOQ is 50pcs
4. Upload your artwork (see specsbelow)
5. After pre-flight art approval, you will recieve a digital proof. Pre-production samples are not required but are recommended.
6. After proof pre-production sample approval, production will commence.
7. Delivery time is 21-30 days depending upon factory holidays and complexity of your project.



– Memory available: 256Mb, 512Mb, 1Gb, 2Gb or 4Gb
– We accept video files files in MP4, or AVI file formats only. If your video is in a different format, please convert to MP4 or AVI.
Fees apply for in-house conversion.


Software programming specs are required.

Please specify:
AUTO ON – Video plays automatically when brochure is opened
BUTTON ON – Video plays when a play button is pressed
NO LOOP – Videos stop after playing once
INDIVIDUAL LOOP – Each video plays continuously
ALL LOOP – All videos play continuously
BOOT LOGO – The boot logo is hard coded into the programming and displayed at the beginning of the video.
Design boot logo to your screen size at 300dpi. A boot logo is not required.


Please adhere to these requirements for efficient production
Templates: We have standard templates available. Please let us know dimensions and orientation (landscape of portrait) and we
will gladly send you our closest template. Custom templates are also welcome with your specifications.
Please use the template in the creation of your artwork. Template should be separate layer. Please bleed artwork .125”.

Other Creative Options:
– Hard or soft cover
– Textured paper
– Gold or silver foil stamp
– Full-color presentation or shipping boxes
– External ear buds
Prices are on case to case basis. Email richb@ikyp.com for details.

File requirements:

  • Adobe Illustrator Version CC or below. FONTS OUTLINED (or font files included).
  • Adobe PDF High Resolution. FONTS OUTLINED (or font files included).
  • Adobe InDesign Version CC 2015 or below. FONTS OUTLINED (or font files included).


Please submit large files via Wetransfer. Use recipient: henry@ikyp.com. You may submit smaller files directly.


Digital proofs are availbale 24-48 hours after submission of final artwork*, excluding weekends and factory holidays.
Pre-production samples are not reqired, but are recommended. There is a $200 sample fee.
*Final artwork is contingent upon factory approved art layout.